Find the missing value :
35568 ÷ ? of 650 = 456

A bakery opened with its daily supply of 40 dozen rolls. Half of the rolls were sold by noon and 60% of the remaining rolls were sold between noon and closing time. How many dozen rolls were left unsold ?

What will be the answer : 140% of 56 + 56% of 140 = ?

The price of an article is reduced by 25%. In order to retain the original price, the present price has to be increased by :

In an examination in which full marks were 800, A gets 20% more than B, B gets 20% more than C, and C gets 15% less than D. If A got 576, what percentage of full marks did D get (approximately) ?

In a certain organisation, 40% employees are matriculates, 50% of the remaining are graduates and the remaining 180 are post-graduates. What is the number of graduate employees ?

x% of x is the same as 10% of

In an election, 30% of the voters voted for candidate A whereas 60% of the remaining voted for candidate B. The remaining voters did not vote. If the difference between those who voted for candidate A and those who did not vote was 1200, how many individuals were eligible for casting vote in that election ?

If the price of erasers goes down by 25%, a man can buy 2 more erasers for a rupee. How many erasers are available for a rupee ?

Mr. More spent 20% of his monthly income on food and 15% on children's education. 40% of the remaining he spent on entertainment and transport together and 30% on medical. He is left with an amount of Rs. 8775 after all these expenditures. What is Mr. More's monthly income ?

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