How many terms are there in the GP 5, 20, 80, 320........... 20480?

The sum of the first 16 terms of an AP whose first term and third term are 5 and 15 respectively is

Find the 15th term of the sequence 20, 15, 10 . . . . .

Find the first term of an AP whose 8th and 12th terms are respectively 39 and 59.

How many terms are there in 20, 25, 30......... 140

A bacteria gives birth to two new bacteria in each second and the life span of each bacteria is 5 seconds. The process of the reproduction is continuous until the death of the bacteria. initially there is one newly born bacteria at time t = 0, the find the total number of live bacteria just after 10 seconds :

After striking the floor, a rubber ball rebounds to 4/5th of the height from which it has fallen. Find the total distance that it travels before coming to rest if it has been gently dropped from a height of 120 metres.

The 7th and 21st terms of an AP are 6 and -22 respectively. Find the 26th term

If the fifth term of a GP is 81 and first term is 16, what will be the 4th term of the GP?

A boy agrees to work at the rate of one rupee on the first day, two rupees on the second day, and four rupees on third day and so on. How much will the boy get if he started working on the 1st of February and finishes on the 20th of February?

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