In a 300 m race A beats B by 22.5 m or 6 seconds. B's time over the course is:

In a 400 m race, A gives B a start of 5 seconds and beats him by 15 m. In another race of 400 m, A beats B by $$7\frac{1}{2}$$ seconds. Their respective speed are -

Four sisters Suvarna, Tara, Uma and Vibha are playing a game such that the loser doubles the money of each of the other players from her share. They played four games and each sister lost one game in alphabetical order. At the end of fourth game, each sister had Rs. 32. How much money did Suvarna start with ?

A and B take part in a 100 metres race. A runs at 5 km an hour. A gives B a start of 8 metres and still beats him by 8 seconds. The speed of B is ?

In a kilometre race, A, B and C are three participants. A can give B start of 50 m and C a start of 69 m. The start which B can allow C, is -

A team played 40 games in a season and won in 24 of them. What percent of games played did the team win ?

In a 800 metre race, A defeated B by 15 seconds. If A's speed was 8 km/hr, the speed of B was -

In a 200 m race, A beats B by 35 m or 7 seconds. A's time over the course is-

In a 1000 m race, A can beat B by 100 m. In a race of 400 m, B can beat C by 40 m. By how many metres will A beat C in a race of 500 m ?

A and B can cover a 200 m race in 22 seconds and 25 seconds respectively. When Av finished the race, then B is at what distance from the finishing line ?

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