For the proposed runway stated in if the aerodrome reference temperature is 17.2°, the net designed length of the runway is

The reduced level of the proposed site of an air port is 2500 m above M.S.L. If the recommended length by I.C.A.O. for the runway at sea level is 2500 m, the required length of the runway is

The length of a runway under standard atmospheric conditions is 1800 m. If the actual reduced level of the site is 1200 m, the design length of the runway is

Which of the following is used for servicing and repairs of the aircraft?

Total correction for elevation, temperature and gradient for a runway should not be more than

The best direction of a runway is along the direction of

The air is blowing at a speed of 75 knots in the direction of the aircraft flying at a ground speed of 775 knots. The air speed of the aircraft, is

The bearing of the runway at threshold is 290°, the runway number is

As per ICAO, for A, B, and C type of airports, maximum effective, transverse and longitudinal grades in percentage respectively are

For the proposed air port, the survey project provides

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