The minimum diameter of turning besin, where ships turn by going ahead and without tug assistance should be

Dead weight tonnage of a ship
(i) varies with latitude and season
(ii) is more than displacement tonnage
(iii) is the difference between displacement load and displacement light
Of these statements

Consider the following statements in regard to Beaufort scale for wind speeds,
(i) The Beaufort number ranges from 1 to 12.
(ii) Higher Beaufort number indicates higher speed of wind,
(iii) Beaufort number for calm is smallest and for hurricane is highest
Of these statements

When a ship floats at its designed water line, the vertical distance from water line to the bottom of the ship is known as

In basins subjected to strong winds and tide, the length of the berthing area should not be less than

By increasing the rise of lock-gates,
(i) The length of the lock gate will increase
(ii) Transverse stress due to water pressure on the gate will increase
(iii) Compressive force on the gate will increase

Which of the following conditions of loading imposes the greatest load on the foundation in case of dry docks?

In a two lane channel, bottom width of channel is given by

The significant wave height is defined is the average height of the

Which of the following structures are constructed parallel to shore line to develop a demarcating line between land area and water area?

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