Tensile strength of steel used in rails should not be less than

Normally the limiting value of cant is (where G is the gauge.)

The distance through which the tongue rail moves laterally at the toe of the switch for movement of trains is called

Minimum composite sleeper index pres-cried on Indian Railways for a track sleeper is

Consider the following statements:
Automatic signalling system results in
1. greater risk
2. higher efficiency
3. avoidance of block instruments
4. higher operating cost
Of these statements

Consider the following statements about concrete sleepers.
1. They improve the track modulus.
2. They have good scrap value.
3. They render transportation easy.
4. They maintain the gauge quite satisfactorily.
Of these statements

Yellow lighthand signal indicates

A Broad Gauge branch line takes off as a contrary flexure from a main line If the superelevation required for branch line is 10 mm and cant deficiency is 75 mm, the superelevation to be actually provided on the branch line will be

The purpose of providing fillet in a rail section is to

Maximum value of ‘throw of switch’ for Broad Gauge track is

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