Which one of the following characteristics is NOT found in the convectional rainfall ?

The driest spot on earth is in the Atacama desert, parts of which went without rain for years. The Atacama is in ________

The Mediterranean type of climate is found in mid-latitudes on the

The mediterranean region specialises in fruit culture because ________

Consider the following statements associated with Mediterranean climate:
1. It is so named because it occurs extensively in the periphery of Mediterranean sea.
2. These lands are exposed to hot, dry, land winds during the summer months.
3. The seasonal range of temperatures is considerable less than that in other areas of corresponding latitudes.
Which of these statements are correct?

Consider the following statements about anticyclones:
1. The winds are divergent, and spiral out from the centre of high pressure
2. The air moves clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and anticlockwise in Southern Hemisphere
3. It is accompanied by heavy rainfall
4. A sudden rise in barometric reading heralds the approach of anticyclone
Which of these statements are correct?

Among foodgrains, international trade of rice is quite small because ________

What happens to tropical soils when the rain forest is cleared?

The climate of a place is decided by ________

Central and western part of California experience climate ________

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