Satyashodhak Samaj was founded by whom?

Which of the following statements regarding Ahmadiya Movement is/are correct?
I. Founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmed
II. It described itself as standard bearer of Mohammedan Renaissance
III. Based itself on the principles of Brahmo Samaj
IV. Opposed jihad and worked for spreading western liberal education among Indian Muslims

Which of the following is not correct about Prarthana Samaj?

Which of the following is called Magna Carta of English Education in India?

Which of the following cannot be said to be a cardinal principle of the theosophical society?

Consider the following statement (s) related to the administrative causes of 1857 revolt.
I. Deprivation of the traditional ruling classes of their luxury due to the establishment of the company's suzerainty over the Indian states.
II. Introduction of new and revenue system which snatched the land from cultivator and gave it to the moneylender or traitor.
III. Lord Canning's announcement to that Mughals would lose the title of King and be mere Princess.

Which of the following ideas propagated through Ramakrishna Mission?
I. Social and religious reform
II. Women education
III. Doctrine of service
IV. Service of jiva and worship of Shiva

Consider the following statements related to the cause of 1857 revolt.
I. It was a great disparity in salaries between the Indian and European soldiers.
II. The Indian sepoys were treated with contempt by their European officers.
III. The sepoys were sent to distant parts of the empire, but were not paid any extra allowance.

Wahabi movement aimed to organize Muslims around two fold ideas, which of the following forms the ideas among them?
I. Harmony among 4 schools of Muslim which were divided at that time
II. Recognition of the role of individual conscience in religion as conflicting interpretations were derived from quran and other practices

The actual name of Dayanand Saraawati, the founder of the Arya Samaj was

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