The acceleration of a particle moving with simple harmonic motion is __________ at the mean position.

The necessary condition for forces to be in equilibrium is that these should be

The units of moment of inertia of mass are

The centre of percussion of the homogeneous rod of length ‘L’ suspended at the top will be

A rubber ball is dropped from a height of 2 m. If there is no loss of velocity after rebounding, the ball will rise to a height of

If a number of forces act simultaneously on a particle, it is possible

If a rigid body is in equilibrium under the action of three forces, then

A body of mass ‘m’ moving with a constant velocity ‘v’ strikes another body of same mass moving with same velocity but in opposite direction. The common velocity of both the bodies after collision is

If u₁ and u₂ are the velocities of two moving bodies in the same direction before impact and v₁ and v₂ are their velocities after impact, then coefficient of restitution is given by

The forces, which meet at one point and their lines of action also lie on the same plane, are known as

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