What layer of the OSI model would you assume the problem is in if you type show interface serial 1 and receive the following message? ""Serial1 is down line protocol is down."""""

You type show running-config and get this output:
 [output cut] Line console 0     Exec-timeout 1 35     Password BIXPASSWD     Login [output cut]  
What do the two numbers following the exec-timeout command mean?""

Which of the following commands will display the current IP addressing and the layer 1 and 2 status of an interface?
1. show version
2. show protocols
3. show interfaces
4. show controllers
5. show ip interface"""

You type the following command into the router and receive the following output:
 Router#show serial 0/0         ^ % Invalid input detected at '^' marker. 
Why was this error message displayed?""

Which of the following commands sets the secret password to Cisco?

What keystroke will terminate setup mode?

Which command will delete the contents of NVRAM on a router?

You need to find the broadcast address used on a LAN on your router. What command will you type into the router from user mode to find the broadcast address?

Which of the following commands will configure all the default VTY ports on a router?

Which of the following commands displays the configurable parameters and statistics of all interfaces on a router?

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