What is the minimum number of wires required for sending data over a serial communications links?

X.21 is

A 4 KHz noise less channel with one sample ever 125 per sec is used to transmit digital signals. Differential PCM with 4 bit relative signal value is used. Then how many bits per second are actually sent?

What does the acronym ISDN stand for?

Working of the WAN generally involves

Number of bits per symbol used in Baudot code is

An error-detecting code inserted as a field in a block of data to be transmitted is known as

If odd parity is used for ASCII error detection, the number of 0s per eight-bit symbol is _____.

Repeaters are often used on an 802.3 network to help strengthen the signals being transmitted. As with the length of segments and the number of segments, a limit exists as to how many repeaters can be used between any two nodes. What is the maximum number of repeaters that can be used?

A computer that handles resource sharing and network management in a local area network. Select the best fit for answer:

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