Which command will configure a switch port to use the IEEE standard method of inserting VLAN membership information into Ethernet frames?

Which of the following commands sets a trunk port on a 2960 switch?

Which of the following is true regarding VTP?

Which protocol reduces administrative overhead in a switched network by allowing the configuration of a new VLAN to be distributed to all the switches in a domain?

Which of the following is true regarding VLANs?

Which switching technology reduces the size of a broadcast domain?

You want to improve network performance by increasing the bandwidth available to hosts and limit the size of the broadcast domains. Which of the following options will achieve this goal?

To configure the VLAN trunking protocol to communicate VLAN information between two switches, what two requirements must be met?
1. Each end of the trunk link must be set to the IEEE 802.1e encapsulation.
2. The VTP management domain name of both switches must be set the same.
3. All ports on both the switches must be set as access ports.
4. One of the two switches must be configured as a VTP server.
5. A rollover cable is required to connect the two switches together.
6. A router must be used to forward VTP traffic between VLANs.

Which of the following modes are valid when a switch port is used as a VLAN trunk?
1. Blocking
2. Dynamic auto
3. Dynamic desirable
4. Nonegotiate
5. Access
6. Learning

When a new trunk link is configured on an IOS-based switch, which VLANs are allowed over the link?

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