Tips to Crack Campus Interview Questions

Hey Students! First, I want to ask some questions from you. What if you do all the same things that all the other students in your batch do? Will you get hired in campus placements? Will you stand out from the crowd? Will you make your mark? I am sure, your answer is a clear no. Hmm…Now let’s consider the answer, why it is a clear no?

It is because only 3-5% of total students of a batch who appears for the interviews in campus get selected in the best companies and fetch the high LPA.

What sets these students apart from all? Technical Skills, Work Skills, Communication Skills, or knowledge?

Maybe these are one of the reason. But more than these, the way how you approach your campus interview questions altogether ensure your success.

Time has changed a lot. Spending a lot of time on the resume to make it look attractive, preparing for campus interview questions, dress up formally will help you definitely. But, What if I say, they will not able to fetch you the job you deserve to get.

Hmm… Now, you’re thinking, after doing a lot, why you don’t get the desired and deserving job?

First of all, these traditional inputs taken by everybody, I have already asked to stand out from crowd!

Secondly, the interviewers are not looking for your resume, your style of answering interview questions and dressing at all, they give them secondary importance. What they want to know is, whether selecting you will improve their return on investment (ROI) or not. If they find that, you are not able to improve it, even after having great communication, great resume and magnificent presence, you will fail to get campus placement.

In this blog, I have come up with some tips and tricks which will help you to ensure your position among the top 1% even you have average grades in academics and mediocre knowledge. These tips are the latest on the basis of industry needs and time-sensitive. Thus, don’t just read them and pass it till your interviews, you have to act on them before it’s too late. Otherwise, maybe, there are chances you would finish off among the 99% of the crowd.

And, of course, you don’t want that.

So, let’s jump in and begin to know the latest tips and tricks which will make you to dent in the campus interviews:

Think like a business person

You have definitely heard these expression – “putting in others’ shoes”. The interviewers are expecting you to act like that. They want you to think and perceive their businesses well. If you can do that, you can understand the problems they want you to understand and can offer solutions. If not, you better get going for the next opportunity.

Now, the question is how to understand their business well?

The answer is Simple, by studying their business!

If you are planning to sit for a Developer position, then the role of Designer or Digital Marketer is totally different. Why? Because the key variables of each roles are different than the other!

In the case of the developer, you have to develop high end applications for real time use, whereas in case of Designer, you have to design infographics, flyers, social media post and other marketing materials and in case of digital marketer, you have to perform various tasks for marketing and making online presence of company.

If you aim to crack the job interviews developer than you should be able to develop high end real time applications and can work on existing ones and similar to other roles you have skills relevant to role you’re applying.

Make a list of propaganda

Most of the candidates forget in campus placements is that the campus interview questions are their stage for advertising their talent, skills, and works they have previously done. Interviewing is not a win-lose agreement, it’s a win-win situation where you as a candidate has to prove his/her worth to be a winner.

So, make a propaganda list, if you have not done yet.

Now, you’re again thinking of adding more into your resume. First of all, it’s not about resume, step up beyond that. Arrange all the projects you have done in a similar industry. Projects are not only the things you submit for project work, italso include all your presentations, analysis reports, written work and articles (even they’re unpublished).

It’s always wise to give the evidence. You can show them that you’re capable and worthy of the job by showing them your propaganda list. Take a printout of your propaganda list.

It’s the first principle of selling. Buyers, love to buy when they touch the product. Giving interview is like, to sell yourself before the interviewers, you need to help them touch the printouts of your propaganda list.

Be well researched and a scholar interviewee.

In this age of the internet, it’s easy to be a scholar. You just need to follow two steps:

  • Know about your subject and the industry.

Do some research on Internet! Take out each subject of your specialization and if you have still any doubts about any portion of the subject, directly go to your professor and also confirm which questions to ask at campus interview questions. It’s never too late to know better. But, after the campus famous interviews, then it’s late enough. It is better for you to get started at least 3 months prior to the interview/s.

  • Know about your interviewers and the company.

Most important, you would know which company is coming on your campus. Go to the company’s website and see the list of authority figures who would decide your fate in the interview. Then find out about them on LinkedIn like what they care about most and what they are expert in. Now, read a little about all of it. Once you know enough about them, then go to the company profile and look for their mission, vision, values and what they look to do in near future. This information will help you think like a businessman/businesswoman and give you a better perspective about how to present your worthiness before them.

Start a blog.

No interviewees may have received this advice, if you are sincere to crack the campus interview questions, just start blogging. You don’t need penny to buy a domain to launch a website. Simply go to Blogger or WordPress, create a blog and start to write about the industry/subject/area of your job or you have passion (just if you want to make career in that field). You just should be presentable. Take help of anyone who is keen to help you to edit your articles. Publish at least one article per week and if you start 3 months prior to the interview, you would be able to write at least 10 articles.

Share these articles with your friends and others via all your social networking sites. Go to similar blogs and read out to get some ideas and comment on the articles written by experts in the field.

This can popularize you and your articles in the Google Search. When anyone (or interviewer/s) from the company will search your name or your blog, then Google will show up your blog and articles at the top of the search and chances of getting selected will be higher.

Polish your Aptitude.

No matter you’re giving the campus interview or wherever you go for an interview, the first round would be of aptitude to check your mental capacity. If you practice aptitude one hour on daily basis, you don’t need to prepare separately for the big event.

After preparing for the interview skills, you wouldn’t want to get rejected for failure in aptitude. Be ready. You can practice aptitude on THE STUDY BANK.

Go for Interviews & Group Discussion.

Don’t let the campus interview and group discussion, the first ever you face. Make it the hundredth one or maybe more! Talk to your peers and form a group and arrange for mock interviews and GD every week.

Facing mock interviews will help you in building strength to face the campus interview questions and group discussion.

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